Lay Ministries

We have parishioners who are altar servers, lay ministers of communion, musicians, choir, church cleaners, brass cleaners, flower arrangers and people who care for the grounds.

We have Teachers and helpers for scripture in our local schools. There are Readers and Intercessors, Sidespeople and welcomers for the Eucharist; the Baptism Preparation team;  Youth Group, Godly play and Playtime helpers. There are those who make meals for sick parishioners or transport them to appointments, or put on a ‘cuppa’ after the services or after a funeral.

We have a dedicated Entertainment and Activities Committee and also a team of Op Shop workers who tirelessly strive to raise money for the Parish and to extend our outreach to the wider community.

There are opportunities for education and fellowship with Mothers Union, Caritas, Men’s Group, Bible study groups and to be part of the Amnesty International letter writing team.

A phone call to the office 9971 8694 or e-mail: can give you the name of the person to contact if you feel you would like to be involved in any of these activities.

We at St John’s take seriously our Lord’s call to ALL Christians to serve him. This means both a ministry within the congregation AND a ministry in the world to spread the Gospel and to tangibly show the love of Jesus Christ in our lives.


St John’s Servers

Enquiries about serving at the Altar at St John’s to Deacon Sandra Salmon.


St John’s Welcomers

This important ministry of welcoming involves greeting people as they come to church, assisting them to feel at home in our services and helping newcomers to feel at ease and able to make friends.  They also help with practical jobs such as setting up.