Ascension of the Lord – Online Mass

Ascension of the Lord – 24th May 2020

Dear Friends,The Ascension of Jesus is an integral part of the Easter Mystery. The risen Lord vanishes from the sight of his disciples, (as the preface for the Ascension tells us) “not to distance himself from our lowly state, but that we, his members, might be confident of following where he, our Head and Founder, has gone before”.Christ’s going to the Father opens up a new way of relating to his disciples—a way so efficacious that everything is filled with his presence. True, they will have to abandon the safe territory of Jesus’ natural presence. But they will cross to the (as yet unknown) country where they will be taken hold of by the Spirit of the risen Lord.Thanks to the Holy Spirit, the presence of Jesus is established for ever. We discern his presence still in the Church, in his word, in the sacraments, in our neighbour, and especially in the apostolate, where we are all called to be witnesses of the Resurrection.With every blessing,Fr Steven

Posted by St Johns Anglican Church Dee Why on Saturday, 23 May 2020

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